Best Bluetooth Speaker under 5000


This article is for all those who are looking for best performance portable Bluetooth speaker under 5000. These days a lot of smartphones have a good speaker but if you love listening to music on high volume or you want to prepare for a house party these speakers are just perfect. We have listed these speakers based on their different features like sound quality, durable. Portable waterproof and with the reviews of customers.

JBL Flip 3


JBL has always known for its quality. JBL Flip 3 has launched after the success of JBL Flip 2 which has been in a market for a long time. Flip 3 also holds its original Flip design which is cylindrical and has 360 degree sound propagation. Battery backup of the speaker is great, once it is fully charged you can play it up to 10 hours continuously. There is no fear of water splash as JBL Flip 3 is also waterproof.


  • 10 hours playtime

  • IPX7 Waterproof

  • Durable Fabric Material

  • Bass Radiator

  • Weight: 450g

  • Battery Charging time: 3.5 hrs

UE Wonderboom

Ultimate Ear Wonderboom(UE Wonderboom)  is a highly portable waterproof speaker. The unique quality of the speaker is you can connect it with one more UE Wonderboom speaker to get the double sound effect. It is known is the market for its high audio quality and affordable price. UE Wonderboom has a small cylindrical shape as small coke can and its top and bottom is covered with a rubber like structure. The fiber used for the speaker is of good quality and easy to clean. It is available in many different colors. It has a hanging loop on the top which makes it easy to hang anywhere and drop-proof.



  • IPX7 Waterproof

  • 10 hrs battery life

  • Dual Speaker connectivity

  • Wireless Range: 100 ft

  • Easy to clean


Jabra Solemate Mini


Jabra Solemate Mini comes with a unique and portable design. It is a shockproof device as the body is cover with rubber. Multiple colors are available in this speaker. Due to lightweight, it is very easy to carry around. It is compatible with aux and Bluetooth both. It is a small version of rugged Jabra Soulmate. Though according to the customer reviews rubber is not that durable as its rubber gets cracks after some months.


  • Battery: 8 hours

  • Lightweight

  • Good audio quality

  • Durable: can handle bumps easily and water due to rubber body


Zook Rocker Torpedo


Zook Rocker Torpedo comes with a solid look, made up of aluminum and covered with rubber. It gives a cool badass kind of vibes. It's a little heavier which gives you the advantage of handling rough and tough. It has a handle on top which makes it easy to carry anywhere. The sound quality of the speaker is very well balanced as it has two 25mm drives inside it due to which sound is loud enough. When it comes to charging it takes a good amount of time but once It is fully charged you can freely play it up to 7-8 hours. It can be easily connected with almost all kinds of smartphones, tab, laptops, and all other Bluetooth devices. For connectivity, it has two option Bluetooth as well as AUX.


  • Battery level 7-8 hrs

  • Bluetooth and AUX connectivity

  • Durable and solid body

  • 1-year warranty

  • Heavyweight

  • Waterproof and shockproof


Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)


It is not just the speaker it more works like your smart machine friend. You can command the speaker just by starting a sentence with 'Alexa' and it can provide you with all the information available on the net. It can also get attached to smart devices like smart TV, Smart Lights, etc and use to control the function of the devices like in-phone you can set alarm, reminder, on TV you can play any movie and switch on/off lights just by simple Command.

It responds correctly to commands as it has 7 inbuilt speakers also you can use it for hand-free calling though it also has 4 buttons on the top for volume up, volume down, Action button and Microphone off button

Amazon Echo Dot can be divided into 3 groups and can be named as Home, hall, and bedroom. So if you want to switch off Hall lights you can simply command "Alexa switch off Hall lights" or if you want to play music in the bedroom " Alexa play song on bedroom".


  • Voice controlled smart device

  • 12 months warranty

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

  • 360 degree sound

  • Multipurpose device


Sony SRS-XB10


The audio quality of Sony has been known in the market for a long time. This does justice to the audio quality at least price. It also comes with the feature of pairing 2 or more speakers together. It's compact and sleek design combining with audio quality makes it one of the best speaker under the price range of 5000. Another good thing about this speaker is that it's battery duration is 16 hours. It has a 360 degree sound propagation and passive radiator at the bottom gives extra bass. The best feature of the speaker is you can also integrate google assistant with the speaker in a way it is a competition to echo dot.


  • 16 hours battery duration

  • Extra bass

  • Water-Resistant

  • 360 degree sound propagation

  • Google Assistant can be integrated

  • Hand-free calling

  • Pairing with other speakers possible


JBL Go 2


After the super success of JBL Go, JBL rolled out its second version of the speaker. It is very lightweight and looks like a small box with curved edges. Though the body is made up of plastic but it's is durable It's available in 12 different colors. Sound is crystal clear due to 40mm drive. It has 5 buttons on top of Power, Volume up, Volume down, Bluetooth and Call answer, with a button it's easy to take hands-free calls. It can be connected to any device with Bluetooth or AUX. It has a playback of 5 hours, So, once you charge it fully you can continuously play it for 5 hours. Due to easy to carry with the good sound quality it is a great choice for those who don't want to spend much on speaker.


  • 5 hours battery duration

  • Bluetooth and AUX connectivity

  • Available in 12 colors

  • Hands-free calling

  • Lightweight and easy to carry


Logitech X300


Logitech has made his place in the market very quickly due to its crystal clear sound quality, pump up the volume and low price. It can be easily connected with Bluetooth and AUX device. The battery backup of the speaker is great. It is a perfect trek partner due to battery backup and sound quality.


  • Battery Backup: 5 hrs

  • Good body finishing

  • Colour: Black/Brown

  • 1-year warranty

  • AUX and Bluetooth Connectivity




Most of the speaker comes with a 1-year warranty so you can replace it if there is an issue but to choose the right speaker to decide your priorities and accordingly decide the speaker. If you want portable and least expensive JBL Go 2 is the best choice whereas if you can take slightly heavy but better sound quality you can go for Zook Rocker or you can also choose according to the functions weight, body, durability or waterproof.

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