How to monetize your blog?


You don’t need thousands of followers to earn money as a blogger you just need the right platform and a strategy to showcase your work. Creating a blog on social media ( Instagram or Facebook) is easy, we all know how to create an account and start adding photos or writing. The real challenge begins when a person gets exhausted with personal marketing and other ways of promotion but still not able to get good numbers of followers. This leads to no collaborations from the blog therefore no motivation to post further and you with lack of motivation either try to find something or ultimately stop adding content. But guys trust me there are multiple ways of earning money from the blog, just depending on followers count for earning is a big mistake. In my case, I started getting collaboration on my personal blog when my follower count was just 500.

So, today I will tell you ways in which you can earn money read it till the last so that you don’t miss on any important information.

Through website Now, most of us don’t create a website because it’s expensive but there are multiple options to create a cheap website. I am sure most of us give priority to Instagram and Facebook as we see a lot of influencers on that platform on a daily basis. But there is an analysis which shows the data of bloggers earning from social media vs earning from a website and it says that blogger who has websites earns 10 times than from what they earn from social media.

Now the question is what are the ways which help us earn through the website:

Adding Reviews: As a Food Blogger, Travel Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, fashion blogger, or Makeup Blogger we come across multiple things and we also show case them on social media with captions and photos. In this scenario,if you can start adding reviews to your website once you start getting traffic on those reviews you can start charging in similar category for reviews. One more benefit of adding review is that as you have recently tried or visited that place and you are already editing pictures and writing captions, you can simply add them on the website which will increase your content on the website which means more traffic on the website.

Affiliate Links: Affiliate is a very less known industry in India. Let’s understand the affiliate marketing in simpler terms in this type of marketing an advertiser gives exclusive links to affiliates or user and whatever sales have been driven from that link advertiser pay specific commission for that. Example if you are travel blogger and you have added reviews about flights or booking agency you can simply add affiliate link of Air Asia or MakemyTrip so, whoever will open from your link you will get paid for that. There are many agencies available in India that will give you affiliate link off all the possible platforms in all the categories.

Retargeting: On the website, there is an advantage of capturing all the visitors and later retargeting them. Using Google Analytics or Facebook you can add pixel on your website which will store the information of the users and using that pixel you can anytime retarget those audiences for engaging or selling. Retargeting is a great tool for selling as the user has already visited your website and read your articles therefore they already know you which increase the chances of conversion and also increases your brand loyalty.


Sale: With your own website it becomes easy to customize and add options. In different category you can add your product Example if you are a travel blogger you sell you trips, if you are a food blogger you can add recipes, as a fashion blogger or makeup artist you can offer your services  or you can also start adding product

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